Roof Repairs

Our roof repairs service is designed to address minor issues right away by equipping our technicians with everything they need specific to your property so they can make repairs onsite, at the first visit.  We'll document our findings with pictures and provide a report for your records.  

Each roof repair service call includes a complete walk-around of your roof and our report will highlight any other areas of concern noted by the technician.  If necessary, we'll provide you with a quote for additional work outside of the scope of the roof repair service call.  

Ideal for:

• Roof leaks

• Missing shingles

• Animal damage

• Adding/sealing vents

• Skylight leaks

• Siding repairs

• Soffit/Fascia repairs

• Eavestrough cleaning & repairs

• Flashing repairs

• Snow and ice removal


Let Strategy Roofing Solutions provide you with a FREE quote for your new roof install.  

When we quote a re-roofing project, we don't just look at the size of the property and fire off a number. We perform a thorough assessment of the existing roof and take into consideration other components of the roofing system, such as ventilation, flashings and eavestroughs.  We'll then provide you with the best re-roofing solution designed specifically for your property.  

Roof Maintenance Package

Our Roof Maintenance Package is a unique product that offers incredible value for your home.

This annual maintenance package includes: 

• Two roof inspections (spring & fall)

• Two eavestrough cleanings (spring & fall)

• Discounts on repairs

• Debris clean-up

• Preferred rates for new roof or skylight installs

NEW!  Ask about our winter add-on package!

Roof Inspections

Curious about the state of your roof?  Think there might be an issue?  Need a second opinion? 

A professional roof inspection conducted by Strategy Roofing Solutions is one of the most cost effective ways to prolong the life of your roof.  

Our roof inspections include a thorough assessment of each component of the roofing system.  We'll grade their condition, just like a report card, and provide you with an easy-to-read report with photos documenting everything.  The report will also include recommendations if anything requires attention, along with a quote to perform the necessary work to bring the roof back up to standard.  

An annual or semi-annual roof inspection is a great way to avoid a premature roof replacement, especially if all that's required are a few minor repairs to give you more life out of your existing roof.  

Attic Inspections

Without a doubt, ventilation is the most important component of any roofing system.  If your roof can't breathe it will fail long before it should, leaving you no choice but to replace it.

Attic inspections assess the intake and exhaust components of your roofing system and ensure adequate airflow throughout.  They're also a great way to make certain all of your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are actually venting out through the roof.  

If areas of improvement are noted, we'll provide you with all the details along with the benefits for your property and a quote to complete the work.  Attic inspections can also aid in identifying condensation issues, along with important health-related matters, such as mould or mildew, which should be dealt with immediately to avoid any toxins circulating through your home.  

Eavestrough Cleaning & Repairs

Eavestroughs are the most common place for leaves and debris to collect.  This will block the flow of water and can cause significant drainage issues, which could lead to additional roof related problems.  It is recommended that you have your troughs cleaned twice a year (spring and fall), even if your property isn't surrounded by foliage.  Blocked or clogged eavestroughs are a main contributor to ice damming in the winter months and pooling and overflowing in the warmer months.  

We can also repair dripping corners, re-slope the troughs for positive drainage, or reinstall drooping or hanging pieces of trough.  If you're looking to replace your eavestroughs and downpipes, or are interested in installing gutter screens, we can do that too!

Skylight Installs & Repairs

Skylights are a common fixture on all types of properties nowadays, with their primary purposes being energy saving initiatives and aesthetics. If you're looking to install a new skylight or change out your older model for something more modern, contact Strategy Roofing Solutions and we'll provide you with a menu of options that include fixed units, operable units, retractable units, and tubular devices.  

Most issues with skylights are leaks due to age and/or structural damage. Unless your skylight is cracked or visibly broken, the only way you can tell if its structural integrity has been compromised is with water.  If you notice excessive condensation, drafts, debris around the unit or damage to the roof close to the skylight itself, contact us right away and book a roof inspection so we can come out and assess the situation and provide a path forward.  

Siding Repairs & Installs

Give your home a face lift with some new siding! Strategy Roofing Solutions provides a variety of siding options, including aluminum, vinyl, cedar shakes and hardie board.  

Animals get at your siding?  High winds peel back a few pieces?  No problem!  We can also repair damaged siding and ensure that the exterior of your home continues to look great and is protected.  

Soffit/Fascia Repairs & Installs

Soffit & fascia are key components of your roofing system and Strategy Roofing Solutions offers repairs and replacements for both of them.  

The fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia is fixed directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and usually does all the work of supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of shingles, as well as the eavestroughs.  

Soffits are found on the underside of the roof and are tucked away under the fascia board. There are two types of soffit panels - open and closed, and your roof should have an equal amount of both.  The open soffits (or vented soffits) act as a key part of ventilation, as they draw outside air into the attic for circulation. The closed panels provide protection for the structure of the roof, while also adding aesthetic appeal to your home.